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Julia's Mummy | Rochdale

Miss Laura, thank you so much for giving Julia the opportunity to dance and develop her skills. Additionally, it is so important for me to see how much Julia loves “her Miss Laura”. Julia has received so much attention and love from

you and you are a very special person in Julia’s life. My daughter is only four years old and thanks to Miss Laura, she loves ballet! It was a huge pleasure for me to watch “The Nutcracker”. You have wonderful communication skills with the children and it is fantastic to see your classes, which involve all of the children having fun. The best feedback for me is seeing a big smile on Julia’s face every Saturday morning. My little girl has grown in confidence. She has found new friends and loves music and dance. I think you are a great teacher with a lovely personality. Princess Ballerina has given me a chance to watch my daughter’s achievements and participate in them. Without your [Miss Laura’s] time, effort and dedication to the children and the company, this would not have been possible. I would like to thank you so much for giving Julia and me the opportunity to be part of the fantastic, caring and wonderful world of Princess Ballerina! I am sure Julia will spend many more happy years with “her Miss Laura”. Thank you so much, Miss Laura and Princess Ballerina.
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4 stars
Miss Laura & Julia's Mummy

Amy's Mummy | Littleborough

Since our daughter has started ballet lessons at Princess Ballerina, her confidence has blossomed. Lessons are fun and accessible to all and praise and encouragement is regularly offered to each child. My daughter has formed a

close bond with her teacher, who is an excellent role model. Her listening skills and manners have developed, along with a growing awareness of how to be a ballerina. She looks forward to her lessons and has responded enthusiastically to the Princess Ballerina approach to teaching ballet.

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Amy, aged 5 & Lily-Mae, aged 4

Miss Rachel | Littleborough

Entering the world of Princess Ballerina as an employee has been a fantastic experience! Miss Laura’s drive and enthusiasm to make the whole Princess Ballerina concept so friendly and accessible for the parents, and one of pure joy for the children, is infectious. She is constantly

looking for ways to expand and improve the world of Princess Ballerina and eagerly welcomes all ideas and input from her Princess Team, thus ensuring that every budding ballerina has the chance to shine. Miss Laura is a breath of fresh air as an employer and one I hope to work with for many years to come!

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Miss Rachel & Yasmin, aged 2

Laura's Mummy | Milnrow

We only discovered Princess Ballerina last summer, but our four year old daughter really enjoys it. She loves getting dressed up in her ballet dress, tights and shoes and joining her ballet friends on a Saturday morning. The class is really friendly and everyone is made to feel

regardless of how much dancing they have done in the past – if any! Our daughter has always loved music and dancing, and Princess Ballerina provides her with an outlet to do that, whilst giving her a nudge in the right direction to improve. welcome, We have noticed a change in her coordination and all students are encouraged to share, take turns and use their manners. Wands, feathers, tiaras and halos are particular favourites and the music used is known to and appropriate for the children. Our daughter has also attended the Halloween Ball and Christmas Ball with Princess Ballerina and these provide extra excitement in the holidays – especially when there is the chance to have faces painted as well. We would definitely recommend (and already have done!) Princess Ballerina to any parent/carer with children who love to dance. Our only regret is not discovering it sooner!

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Laura, aged 5

Evie's Mummy | Blackley

My four year old daughter Evie has attended Princess Ballerina for the past eighteen months and absolutely loves it.

From day one she was made to feel very welcome by her teacher, Miss Laura, who is absolutely brilliant with the children and Evie loves her: she is so friendly, kind and caring.

The lessons are perfectly designed with little ones in mind and are fun and imaginative, incorporating the use of props: Evie's favourites being the princess tiaras and the feathers.

I think Princess Ballerina lessons are a fantastic way to introduce little ones to the world of dance, but more importantly - for me - seeing Evie growing in confidence week-by-week - something that will stay with her forever.
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Mum, Dad, Dylan & Evie, aged 4

Trinity's Mummy I Shawclough

Trinity absoloutely loves coming to her Princess Ballerina class every week, she sees her tutu, shouts, 'Miss Laura,' and in a shot we're out the door! Trinity loves the warmth and encouragement - for all types of dancing abilities - that Miss Laura adopts into each lesson.

No matter if they are a beginner, intermediate or a prima ballerina, Miss Laura makes the child feel loved and special and positive praise is always first and foremost. I have seen such a change in Trinity's confidence since joining Princess Ballerina: her manners and confidence, let alone her 'bend and stretch', have come on no end! Thank you for all of your encouragement, support and love Miss Laura.

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Mum, Dad & Trinity, aged 2