About us

Here at Princess Ballerina, we've made investing in little ones and their potential a full time job. Here's how..

My name is Laura Carnaby (Miss Laura) and this is the Princess Ballerina story:

It all began in September 2010. I was working as a full-time, professional dancer and dance teacher when I had the idea...

As with the best things in life, Princess Ballerina (formerly DiddlyDance) started from small beginnings and, simply through word of mouth and our excellent reputation, the company has grown much bigger very quickly. At first, there were just two weekly classes. They attracted small numbers and I taught them all myself.

I’d been teaching for a number of years and was struck by how difficult it was for young children to adjust to the dance studio: at best they had little classroom etiquette and at worst, none at all. They failed to meet the standards that were expected of them in certain syllabus criteria, and they struggled with the exercises themselves.

I knew it was time to go back to the drawing board – children aged four and five had already missed a vital first stage of ballet training. The result was the Princess Ballerina syllabus, a comprehensive, all-round approach to dance tuition. The classes proved so popular, Princess Ballerina just grew and grew.

Our curriculum combines traditional methods of formal dance tuition with contemporary class techniques, with the emphasis on nurture, good times and fun. It’s amazing how much children learn when they’re busy enjoying themselves. I believe it is the natural fusion between formal tuition and genuine pleasure that has created a dance class format, from which children organically grow and learn.

Net Mums Award

While our primary focus is ballet, we also concentrate on the importance of manners, discipline, etiquette and social skills. We believe we can help young girls and boys grow into little ladies and gentlemen.

Princess Ballerina classes appeal to all children; boys and girls with twinkle toes - budding ballerinas, interested in dance and capable of following age-appropriate exercises as well as parent and toddler groups who enjoy their time together in a musical and creative class full of warmth, trust and respect.

NetMum's 2012 Best Pre-School Activity for Children
We're super proud of this year's award as we were both nominated and voted for by our very own students' parents on the UK's premier parenting website!

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